What type of purchasing organisation do you consider more suitable for the chosen case example, and why?

Organisational buying behaviour and structures

Carry out a literature review on OBB&S including at least 10 additional pieces of learning (e.g. relevant
journal papers & academic books) and write 3,000 – 3,500-word (max) synopsis of what you have
learned throughout the entire course, referencing the books and papers reviewed.
Ensure that your paper addresses following questions (Q) based on literature review and at least ONE
case study of your choice with enough background information (an example of ODUER Inc case
study is provided):

Ql.What type of purchasing organisation do you consider more suitable for the chosen case
example, and why?

Q2.What are the challenges faced by a supply manager working in: (i) a highly centralised
structure?, (ii) in a highly decentralised structure?, and (iii) in a hybrid structure?

Q3.Suppose in your strategic plan, you have identified that the ‘X’ supplier of ‘Y’ product is the
supplier who has the most purchasing volume, and you want to negotiate a contract of ‘Y’
product for the next three years. How do you raise the negotiation to maximize the competition?

Q4.Identify the different types of risk and uncertainty that organisations face when purchasing critical
components. How might these risks be reduced, or even minimised?
The assignment is based on these questions, which you are expected to create your response using
your experience and appropriate research into academic publications and sources of research
information. In answering these questions, ensure that you:

Demonstrate a good understanding of theory (including references beyond module materials).
Provide a critical analysis and comparison of theory v practice. Also consider how latest Industry

4.0 technologies and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic are affecting the OBB&S of the future.
Provide conclusions and reflections that are traceable to your learning.

The report format should
quote sources and references where appropriate.
Please make sure that you
have submitted the work to Turnitin, failure to do so will result in no assessment.

Plagiarism occurs when students attempt to pass off someone else’s work as their own. Typically, sections of text are taken verbatim from another person’s work without proper attribution. This is a form of cheating and the University takes a very serious view regarding any student involved in cheating.