Descriptive analysis and visualisation of elements of the chosen dataset, comprising

Visual Analytics & Big Data Management

There are two main parts to this assignment:

• Descriptive analysis and visualisation of elements of the chosen dataset, comprising:

o Exploratory and descriptive data analysis with appropriate visualisations o Think about how you can analyse distributions, histograms and box plots o Make use of graphs and, where possible mosaic plots
o Use any other visualisations you think are appropriate
o Narrative interpretations of these analyses
• Inferential/Predictive analysis:
o Choose two of the most appropriate inferential or predictive modelling techniques
o Possible choices: t-Test, ANOVA, Correlation & Linear Regression o Statistical Interpretations of these analyses
o Business Interpretations

Your submission should follow the structure of an academic report and have a good logical flow. It should make good use of the graphs, charts, tables, and models generated from your JMP analyses. Please screenshot these visualisations and interpret them in your report.

Report Word-count: 1800 (+/- 10%)

• It would be useful to explore the dataset and derive a set of questions you want to ask of it.

• It is important that you choose the appropriate visualisation method for your analyses. It is also crucial all analyses are interpreted and contextualised.

• The conclusion should pull together the various threads of analysis and interpretation into a cohesive summary of findings.

• You may also want to critically assess the quality of the data and make suggestions as to how improvements could be made for future analyses.

• If you do use external literature sources, please reference them appropriately

3 Deliverables

a) Main Analysis Report, to be submitted

b) SASJMP Data Table with saved scripts ,to be submitted