What are the implications for counseling?

The Impact of Trauma and PTSD in Young Adults During COVID-19 Pandemic

paper should thoroughly explore the topic and at least one effective counseling approach to address the specific crisis. The paper should be 10 double-spaced pages in length and in APA 7th format 12-point font in Times New Roman, title page, abstract page, in-text citations, and reference page. Paper should be well-researched. References to a minimum of 10 professional journal articles and/or books on the subject are required. Professional references do not include Wikipedia or general websites, but might include statistics from the World Health Organization, which can be accessed online, for example. As always, it is essential that you cite and quote sources appropriately. Your paper should be submitted through Blackboard, where SafeAssign will review your work for potential plagiarism.

In additional materials section, I have provided 6 references. Please provide an additional 4 professional research articles. The total should be 10 professional references.

Please breakdown the paper in sections using this format using research found:

Introduction to the mental health challenges and trauma faced by young adults during COVID-19 pandemic

What is trauma and PTSD?

What are the causes?

What are the current/evidence-based practices based on research to treat young adults amid pandemic ?

What are the implications for counseling?