Identify the environment, the culture, and any socio/political/economic factors.

Business Ethics: Publix Market & Tomatoes

For this assignment  read the following case (note: the actual case begins on page three (3) of the document):

Read the case thoroughly and note the following:
-Key concerns
-What do you need to know further about the organization?
-Analyze the case and answer the following:
-What are the main issues?
-Why do these issues exist?
-How are these issues impacting the organization?
-When did the issues begin/arise?
-Who is responsible?Critique alternative solutions:
-What frameworks can be applied?
-What options exist for solutions?
-Have you personally experienced any of these? If so, what processes did you use to solve the issues?
-Are there real-world examples of companies that went through a similar situation?
-Make a judgment on the best solution.
-Consider the alternatives you researched.
-Identify which solution is the most effective, efficient (think costs, impacts, and value), and realistic.Paper should be written using the following formatting guidelines:

-State the problem or issue.
-Summarize and introduce the situation.
-Identify the environment, the culture, and any socio/political/economic factors.
-Use outside research to establish an understanding of the organization.
-Explain the possible options and include:
-Pros of the alternative.
-Cons of the alternative.
Explain why these alternatives are possible or not possible and answer the following:
-What are the obstacles to the alternative?
-Are there outside forces at play?
Proposed Solution:
-Decide on one solution.
-Provide support for your solution.
Explain your reasoning by answering the following:
-Did you do outside research?
-How will your solution be implemented?
-Is there an action plan for your solution?
-Who will be tasked with these steps?