Write standards related to excellence (both academic and other) that might be used on a school website or recruitment brochure

Application of the Meaning of Excellence

The final words of the introduction state that any school can replicate the process of defining excellence BUT that the outcomes or definition (the standards) will likely vary. The outcomes will vary since worldview, mission and core values vary. The school can ill afford to have a constituency that has a different definition or meaning of excellence. It is up to the school to clarify the standards against which excellence will be measured.

Part One

Consider the meaning of excellence (consider the big picture, not just academic) from God’s perspective. What would the biblical standards for excellence be? Also consider insights gleaned from The Academic Imperative (Riesen, 2010) and your additional online research. Write standards related to excellence (both academic and other) that might be used on a school website or recruitment brochure. Begin with an introduction or opening paragraph that deals with the overarching value of excellence. Then provide a list of standards of excellence for the school. The online article limited the discussion to academic excellence alone, but for this assignment academic excellence will be a part of the whole. Your public needs to know what you mean by a core value of excellence. This is your “contract” with them. There is no template or right way to present this so know your public and be creative (it is after all a marketing tool). If your online research was integrated into your work then be sure to reference it within your text.

Part Two

For part two list the standards along with at least two ways in which the standards might be assessed. In other words, for accreditation purposes, what evidence might be provided to show that the standard is being upheld? This list would be for internal purposes only.

Example (using one of the article’s standards related to academic excellence)

Academic Excellence Involves: exploration of and the solving of authentic problems

Course content regularly includes authentic problems. The authentic problems are identified or highlighted on curriculum maps for each course. Teachers maintain a portfolio of products as evidence that their curriculum utilizes a problem based approach.