Identify all key stakeholders impacting upon venture creation


The writer should create a business plan for his start-up. Any business model is free to choose.Important to follow each guideline.
In the file attached you are going to find the exact instruction step by step must be followed.
In the powerpoint, you are gonna find key theory from the lecture notes.
It is essential to use the Canvas model. Choose the Entrepreneurial Entry Strategies from the list in PPW. The rest try to apply where needed,
Use appendices to show statistics and support your arguments The business plan must be supported by the most recent statistics e.g market summary.
Additionally, you need to use Academics to support and critically evaluate your work.
1. It will be based on systematic analysis of the market, providing justifying evidence.

2. Justifying evidence should contain information sought from a variety of prescribed (e.g lecture notes and seminar provided materials) and self-identified sources.
3. Only give personal opinion that can be supported with evidence.1. Demonstrate knowledge of the context for entrepreneurship and start-up formation.
2. Demonstrate critical appreciation of the entrepreneurial process in a variety of enterprise formations
3. Analyse and interpret approaches and attitudes to entrepreneurship, enterprise and business venturing
4. Explain and justify proposed courses of strategic action.1. Use of credible and well judged sources of evidence and research.
2. Identify all key stakeholders impacting upon venture creation
b. A report structure containing all parts set in page 2 of this assessment brief. Means kind of a content page in the report struc Rember to include all STAKEHOLDERS and analyse Competitors so to gain the competitive advantage