Explain in details the ethical foreign policy in South Africa

Ethical foreign policy and South Africa

explain what ethical foreign policy
– neo liberalism with international relation theories and some IR scholars
– neoliberalist version of foreign policy
– liberalism with the ethical foreign policy
– Machiavelli and Hobbes. Why are they relevant? Morality & ethical foreign policy.
– Difference between neo-liberalists & liberalist theory.
– theory of Human Right. Why are they relevant to the ethical foreign policy?
– in details about the commonwealth and the apartheid era of South Africa. Britain position and why SA withdrew in 1961. Impacts and consequences for both countries (Margret Thatcher).
– Talk about orientalism
– Racial segregation in South Africa. Ethics in IR, meaning, theories about it and IR scholars.
– South Africa, US & UK = exporting arms. Their relationship. Why do these democratic countries still want to export arms to South Africa?
– Explain in details the ethical foreign policy in South Africa,