Define a systematic critical literature review

Alternative Assessment: Individual Coursework: 2020-21
This individual coursework consists of 2 parts:
Part A
Cadez and Guilding (2008) have outlined 16 Strategic Management Techniques in their paper (2008, Table 1, p.839).

Define a systematic critical literature review.

Select any ONE (1) of these Strategic Management Accounting (SMA) techniques and write a systematic critical literature review about the technique, tracing its origin in the traditional domain of Management Accounting (or Strategic Management) and discuss its recent development. Additionally, the following issues must be critically addressed in the review: would the selected technique be helpful in creating or sustaining a firm’s competitive advantages?
(60 marks)

Part B

This part is an individual case analysis. Please analyse the following case study and answer the questions given below:
Colombo Frozen Yogurt (enclosed separately)

Analyse Colombo’s competitive environment and General Mills strategy in response to the environment. You must clearly show any particular techniques adopted to do this analysis.

Using the Activity Based Costing (ABC) analysis, determine new segment profitability statements.
Based on your analysis in question 1 and 2, what changes do you suggest to General Mills?

(40 marks)
Total: 100 marks