What do customers value about your products or business?

Steps for Business Communication Plan
Business Communication
Dr. Borja

Pretend that you are all Communication Specialists and are putting together a Business Communication Plan for an organization. Choose any brand you’d like and begin with the Business Communication Plan.

Analyze how you stand out (1 page)
Cost? Cheapest?
Differentiation? Value?
Management Team?
Products? Services?

First, think about how you stand out from the competition. What do you do better? What do customers value about your products or business? To help, it’s a good idea to collect feedback from clients, partners, suppliers, employees and other business owners.

2. Develop a tagline (One Sentence) I.e. Just do it. Then you can below explain how you came up with tagline in 3-4 sentences.
Create a concise message that describes your business and its unique value proposition. It’s often useful to come up with an “only” line. “We are the only company that does x.” For example, BDC is the only bank exclusively devoted to entrepreneurs. You should use this key message consistently across all your communication efforts.

3. Choose target audience (1 page)
Decide on the target audience for your communications. This will typically be customers and prospective customers, but could also be business partners, employees or the community. You may also need to identify specific segments to target within these groups. A market research expert can help you with these preparations.