.Identify its culture in line with a theoretical model of your choice

Assignment task :Context“Organisational behaviour is the study of human behaviour in organisational settings, of the interface between human behaviour and the organisation, and of the organisation itself. Although we can focus on any one of these three areas, we must also remember that all three are ultimately necessary for a comprehensive understanding of organisational behaviour. For example, we can study individual behaviour without explicitly considering the organisation.

But because the organisation influences and is influenced by the individual, we cannot fully understand the individuals behaviour without learning something about the organisation. Similarly, we can study organisations without focusing explicitly on the people within them. But again, we are looking at only a portion of the puzzle

1.Identify its culture in line with a theoretical model of your choice

2.Explore how culture improves organisational effectiveness with a focus on communication; and

3.Evaluate the role of culture on employee motivation.

4.Evaluate how the company could use the culture of the organisation to further enhance its success.