What technical skills are needed to translate student outcome data into appropriate strategies?

Educational Admin Part 2

1. You are interviewing for the position of Director of Human Resources for a school district or college. Develop a presentation for the interview panel that includes your vision of the role of human resources in the organization. Also develop a plan that includes a philosophy and a rationale for how you plan to address the following issues in the work setting: recruitment, professional development, employee motivation, employee evaluation, compensation, contract oversight, retention of staff and conflict in the work setting. Address any legal and financial considerations related to these issues.

2. In the era of results-driven goals and high expectations for students, what are the knowledge and skills that school leaders need to lead their schools? What understandings do school leaders need about student assessments and their use in gauging student progress toward academic standards?

What policy decisions are warranted to support school efforts toward improvement? Develop a strong rationale for your response, citing studies and research that supports your rationale.

3. Select one of the following curriculum issues: homeschooling, privatization of public schools, grade level retention policies, creationism, censorship, online education, single sex classes or schools or sexuality education. Review the literature related to the issue. Relate the issue to educational practice in your setting. Document the issue’s impact at the local, state and/or national level. Develop a position related to the issue, a research-based rationale for the position and a plan for addressing the issue in your setting.

4. Public schools face a myriad of challenges related to funding in the coming years. Changes in demographics are creating new challenges related to governance, finance and management. Social problems such as poverty, drugs and crime are creating new demands for services. More parents are looking to private schools and choice alternatives for a quality education. Discuss the governance, finance and management implications of the social and demographic changes. Develop a plan for policymakers to coordinate local, state and federal funding to support education in the future. Include a rationale based on historical and legal issues.