Using developmentally effective approaches to connect with children and families

Intelligence (20%) NAEYC Standards:

1, promoting child development and learning;

2, building family and community relationships;

4, using developmentally effective approaches to connect with children and families;

5, using content knowledge to build meaningful curriculum.

NAEYC Supportive Skills:

3, written and verbal communications skills;

4, making connections between prior knowledge/ experience and new learning;

5, identifying and using professional resources.

We know that intelligence and creativity can cover a wide spectrum and is not limited to traditional views of intellect.

Begin this assignment by writing a one page reflection on the following: “ What does intelligence and creativity mean to me?”

There are no right or wrong answers, this is a starting point for your research as you tap into your own prior experiences and knowledge.

Develop a list of outside reading pertaining to this topic. You can add these to your ongoing reading list. You should have a minimum of 6 articles and/or books.

Using the research, write a 2 page paper of how you see creativity and intelligence playing a role in the early childhood curriculum.

Go back to your original one page reflection as you started this paper. Write up to one page on how your views have shifted, if at all, as a result of your research.

Finally, create two lessons that you might use in the classroom, based upon the philosophy and research that you have discovered.