Calculate and interpret PMCC for the data.

In evidence based medicine statistical techniques are used to evaluate the efficacy of treatments it is therefore very important that you have an understanding of how these techniques work. In this unit you will use basic statistical analysis of data to draw conclusions based on the evidence you have

1. Analyse data from the dropped ball experiment carried out as part of the physics unit. You will need to include calculations of:

• the Mean, Mode, Range and Standard deviation of the data.

• explain how standard deviation is interpreted.

• Calculate and interpret PMCC for the data.

• Use a scatter graph with a line of best fit to estimate values

• Calculate and interpret a regression for the LOBF.

• Compare the findings with theoretical models.

This section should be presented as a statistical findings report.

2. Analyse your own or given data and then present your findings as a professional presentation. Your presentation of the data will be taken into account in the grading of the unit. To meet the criteria for this task you will need to :

• Demonstrate the use of cumulative frequency diagrams

• Calculate probabilities

• Use a frequency polygon or histogram

• Explain different types of correlation

Please review the unit guide to ensure all of the learning objectives are met.