UTI-What are signs and symptoms and treatment of the disease?

Reflection and Synthesis

We have studied seven body systems in this course. There are some diseases that affect multiple systems of the body, for example a UTI (urinary) and delirium (nervous), migraines (nervous) and nausea/vomiting (digestive).


Research a disease that affects multiple systems of the body and focus only on the systems that were studied in this course. Using the information from all the previous modules, create an initial post using the following prompt. Your initial post needs to address each discussion point.

Discussion Prompt

Give a brief description of the disease, and then answer these questions:

Which systems are affected?

Does the disease have any genetic orientation?

What are signs and symptoms and treatment of the disease?

Each one of us has a moment in the class when a concept clicks–an “Ah-ha” moment.

Which system in this class fascinated you the most, and why?

What more would you like to learn about this system?