How insightful are your observations on the film?

How do you get an “A”? Demonstrate that you know the subjects. For example,
if you choose the Wizard of Oz essay read one or two background texts on Buddhism and on the author of the Wizard, Frank Baum.

Note significant things in the film: why is Kansas black and white and Oz in color? How is it that evil is destroyed? What is it that the four main characters want and why?

What does this desire say about them? (these are just some hints). You will be surprised to see how different the movie is from the book.

How logical and
connected is your argument? Do you persuade me that the connection you’re noting
between the film and India is valid?
How insightful are your observations on the film?

Do you show a knowledge of the film and the subject? If you have any questions let me know. I am available for consultation.